Monday, February 10, 2020

Wheat and Tares, Light and Darkness

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"Wheat and Tares, Light and Darkness"

    We recently had a discussion with a young person who has never experienced life without the Internet.  I made the point that in previous generations, information did not present itself 24/7 to our hearts and minds.  A trip to the library was often in order if we desired to know something about a subject, which necessitated thumbing through a paper card catalogue in order to access the appropriate book, article, or periodical (wow, I am feeling old as I write this!).  Frequently, by the time we had opportunity to visit the library, the subject had slipped from our attention and interest, perhaps never to be considered again. 

    Fast forward to the present, wherein a very different challenge presents itself.  More information and imagery than our minds can process stands almost instantly available.  How do we know what is true or false (or perhaps even more dangerous, what is half-true or false?).  Rather than access, the issue now becomes critical analysis for the purpose of sifting tares from the wheat, and discerning light from darkness.  It concerns me that we too often fail to consider the possibility that information instantly available may also be patently false despite the authoritative tone and persuasive eloquence we often encounter in Cyberspace.

    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, try (test) the spirits, whether they are of God, for many false prophets are gone out into the world" (I John 4:1).

    Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have always required the process of critical analysis in order to faithfully walk with our Lord in the light of His truth.  Our spiritual enemies do not rest in their ongoing effort to distract and deceive us.  What does Scripture actually say in its text and context?  This question must ever characterize our search for the living and true God, as revealed in His living and true Word.   "Try me and know my thoughts" requested the Psalmist in a day long ago when he was not constantly bombarded with information and imagery (Psalm 139:23).  Certainly we do well to heed his example, along with keeping our hearts and minds in the written Word of God that David did not possess.  

    The issue primarily involves awareness and attitude.  Do I realize my ongoing need to grow in proper understanding of the Lord Jesus and His truth?  Am I aware that enemies incessantly seek to mislead me?  Do I humbly acknowledge that I know nothing yet as I ought to know? (Philippians 1:9; I Peter 5:8; I Corinthians 8:2).  Perhaps most importantly, do I remember the infinite and eternal nature of our Lord's light, which offers glories that fill and fulfill, but which ever beckon us to venture further into truth and reality?   In times such as these, the awareness and attitude that leads to critical analysis must characterize our desire to discern wheat from tares, and light from darkness.

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
(II Peter 3:18)

Weekly Memory Verse
   "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
(II Peter 3:18)


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