Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Sweetest Soul (for Sparrow)

The Special of the Day… From the Orange Moon Cafe…

The Sweetest Soul (for Sparrow)

  Several hours before our dear beagle Sparrow left us this past Monday afternoon, I sat down at the piano.  A piece of music seemed to land in my heart as I began to play (and to weep).  I can't say I wrote this, but rather it seems, it wrote me.  I simply began to play, and it was there.  

  This happens sometimes in writing songs and music, and on this occasion, it meant more than ever.  I feel the melody as sweet, like Sparrow, who never harmed any other creature in her lifetime (I will always think of her as "the sweetest soul").  The rhythm ebbs and flows, again, like our sweetheart who greeted us when we arrived home with more enthusiasm than I could ever describe, but who, like all hounds, also loved her stillness and sleep.  Most of all, as I have produced and recorded this in the last few days, playing the piece over and over, I have felt Sparrow.  I do not mean this in any mystical sense, but rather it just seems the Lord provided a way in music to express who and what she was to us.  She cherished us, and we cherished her.  Still do, and always will.  In more ways than I could ever express, she was God's gift to us.  And somehow, this seems like a gift she gave to us on the last day of her earthly life.  

For our sweetheart….       

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