Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"The Miracle"

The Special of the Day… From the Orange Moon Cafe…

(A repeat from 2014)

"The Miracle"

    In his poem, "My Sweetest Comfort," Edward Caswall beautifully depicts the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God who became man, the man who remains God.

It is my sweetest comfort, Lord, 
And will forever be,
To muse upon the gracious truth 
Of Thy humanity.
Oh joy! there sitteth in our flesh, 
Upon a throne of light,
One of a human mother born, 
In perfect Godhead bright!

Though earth's foundations be removed, 
Down to their lowest deep;
Though all the trembling universe 
Into destruction sweep;
Forever God, forever man, 
My Jesus shall endure;
And fix'd on Him, 
my hope remains eternally secure.

   The poet's sublime offering beautifully illuminates the truth that a Being exists in whom Heaven and earth perfectly unite.   Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ exists unlike any other.  One with the Father and Holy Spirit, He nevertheless comprises a substance unlike the other Persons of the triune Godhead.  He is human.  However, He remains Divine to the degree that His Father addresses His Son in the most direct terms possible regarding Deity: "Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever!" (Hebrews 1:8).  Our Savior is the God who became man, and the man who remains God.  His very existence as the holy synthesis of Deity and humanity constitutes a miracle and a marvel.  How can He even be?  Long ago, Solomon wondered how God could dwell in an earthly temple - "the Heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee!  How much less this house that I have builded!" (I Kings 8:27).  What would Solomon have said had he known that the wonder of God dwelling in a material temple of brick and mortar foreshadowed His inhabiting a human temple of spirit, soul, and body?

   In Heaven and earth, there is no one like the Lord Jesus Christ.  This does not preclude the Biblical truth that believers "shall be like Him" in character, nature, and way on that Day when "we shall see Him as He is" (I John 3:2).  It does, however, reserve for our Savior a place that He alone occupies both now and forever.  Again, He is the God who is man, and the man who is God.  Of no one else will this ever be true.  Yes, the Lord Jesus is a miracle.  He is the miracle against which all other mighty acts of God pale in comparison.  Thus, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit direct attention to the Son in whom God works His "eternal purpose in Christ" (Ephesians 3:11).  We must do the same because in both Heaven and earth, there is no one like the Lord Jesus.  Nor will there ever be.  

"Great is the mystery of godliness. God was manifest in the flesh."
 (I Timothy 3:16)

Weekly Memory Verse
    "As it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord."
(I Corinthians 1:31)


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