Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Songs -31- "Faithful and True"

The Special of the Day… From the Orange Moon Cafe…

Friends: each Saturday this year, we are sending the lyrics and a recorded version of one of our songs.    Frances and I would both likely say this is one of our signature songs, mainly because the message of God's trustworthiness is the theme we seek to communicate in all our ministries.  In Revelation 19, the Lord Jesus Christ is depicted as sitting on a white horse, with the title "Faithful and True."  The song is taken from that.  Also, this is as close to a country song as we get (although country musicians and devotees might disagree! :) When you add a pedal steel guitar track, it pretty much becomes country :) ).  I hope you find it encouraging.  Thanks, Glen

Faithful and True
Words and Music by Glen Davis

There is a heart, so faithful and true,
It bears a scar for me and for you.
And we can know for a lifetime through,
It's faithful and true, faithful and true.
Faithful and true, faithful and true.

There is a grace that makes all things new,
born in that valley our Lord passed through.
Where He was smitten for me and for yo,
So faithful and true, so faithful and true,
Faithful and true, faithful and true.

Forever draws nigh, we'll see His face soon,
Shining in glory, so lovely the view.
And the glad anthem of our hearts will ensue,
Faithful and true, faithful and true.
Faithful and true, faithful and true.

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