Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Leap Day"

    Every four years we are given an extra day in the year, a so called "leap day."  In the year 2012, today
 is that day.
    What will we do with this day, this extra day?  The answer is that we will likely do many of the same things we do in all other days.  We live most of our lives according to schedules and routines necessary in order to do what we need to do and be where we need to be.  For some, this is a very satisfying regimen that provides a desired sense of order.  For others, the everyday repetition of life feels like a mundane burden that creates restlessness and the longing for new experiences.  Most of us actually live somewhere between both perspectives, finding security in routine, and stimulation when something fresh and different comes our way.
     The Christian lives in the latter mindset of appreciating the everyday and the extraordinary.  "Continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of...  Call unto Me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not" (II Timothy 3:14; Jeremiah 33:4).  We need the old and the new in order to rightly walk with God, and as we trust and submit ourselves to Him, He supplies both aspects of Truth.  We walk upon a path long established, and marked by "the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set" (Proverbs 22:28).  We also anticipate the "fresh oil" of the Holy Spirit, trusting that new illuminations upon the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ await us we live in the faith expressed by the Psalmist: "My expectation is from Him" (Psalm 92:10; 62:5).
    Realizing God's involvement in the routine and the new prepares us to know Him in both aspects of our experience.  In this extra day, this "leap day," we do well to expect His living, dynamic presence along familiar and unfamiliar pathways whereby our lives are infused with the purposeful meaning that only Christ provides...
"Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."
(I Corinthians 10:31)   

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