Monday, December 25, 2023

Orange Moon Monday, December 25, 2023 "Answered Prayers, Floating From the Sky"

The Special of the Day… From the Orange Moon Cafe…

(a repeat from many years ago)

"Answered Prayers, Floating From the Sky"  


   I'll never forget the day we saw millions of answered prayers, floating from the sky.

   Many years ago in our Sunday evening fellowship, my daughter Emmie and her friend Lila began to regularly request prayer that it would snow. We prayed accordingly, telling the girls that if God deemed it to be in accordance with His glory and our best interests, He would gladly answer.

   Several years passed with no snow.  This led one of the girls to decide we needed to be more specific in our praying. "I want to pray that it will snow in Mobile, Alabama." Once again, we asked the Lord for snow, this time more pointedly and directed toward a place He rarely sees fit to whiten in the winter.

   Still no snow, but Lila and Emmie doggedly followed the Biblical principle of perseverance and importunity in prayer.  Per their ongoing request, we prayed weekly for snow in Mobile, Alabama.  Finally, on a Sunday evening I'll never forget, one of the young ladies upped the ante, as it were, and in a major way.  I think it was Lila.  "I want to pray," she said, "that it will snow in Mobile, Alabama - on Christmas Day."

   I recall my response. Shifting a bit uncomfortably in my chair, I cleared my throat, pausing to find the right words to say regarding so tall an order of prayer.  "Uh... uh yes, Lila.  We can certainly pray that it will snow in Mobile, Alabama on Christmas Day, if it be the Lord's will."

   You must understand the meteorological context of this matter to realize the magnitude of Lila's request.  Mobilians rarely see snow during any winter. Maybe once every 5-6 years, the weatherman will tell us that we have a chance, a small chance, for snowfall, usually in January or February.  Most of us get pretty excited when this happens, and then feel pretty disappointed when snow almost invariably fails to materialize.  The thought of snow in Mobile, Alabama on Christmas Day?  Well, I'll just echo the old song: we dream of a white Christmas.

    I explained to the girls, as I had in the past, that we would surely honor their request, but with the caveat of all prayer. "We all understand that God's glory and will must be our first reason for praying about anything," I said.   "He always looks to our best interests in answering our prayers.  So, we will indeed pray that it will snow in Mobile, Alabama on Christmas Day, if it be His will."

   Every Sunday thereafter, for a number of years, we prayed accordingly. In those days, Lila's family and ours gathered together on Christmas Day for dinner and the sharing of the holiday together.  On one of those occasions, the day dawned very cold (always a nice Christmas blessing in Mobile, where it can be 70 degrees on December 25).  As the day progressed, the skies became overcast, and weather reports indicated a chance of rain late in the afternoon. We had our dinner together, opened some presents, and played a game our families traditionally enjoyed each year.

   Not too long before nightfall, several of the young people stepped outside. They're were not out long, however, before the door flew open as one of them burst into the house. "Hey, come outside!  It's snowing!"

   Yes, it was snowing.  In Mobile, Alabama.  On Christmas Day. I never think, speak or write those words without tears welling up in my eyes.  Let me write the words again.  It was snowing.  In Mobile, Alabama.  On Christmas Day.  Or perhaps more to the point, it was snowing millions of answers to prayer in Mobile, Alabama on Christmas Day.  We all ran outside and let the unfamiliar feeling of snowflakes bless us with the gift of frozen white wonder, but even more, with fulfillment of the Psalmist's supplication, "Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us" (Psalm 90:17).

   The snow did not accumulate that day.  Emmie and Lila forgot to pray about that matter.  I've always been glad about that because I suspect that had they done so, Mobile might still be digging out from the blizzard that would have descended upon us!  However, they received precisely what they asked for because in our wonderful Heavenly Father's purposes, it did honor the Lord Jesus Christ, and it was in our best interests.

   Sometimes I wonder what the effect of this will be in Lila and Emmie's hearts.    They bear a beautiful legacy of requesting and seeing God's loving faithfulness in a particularly special way.  I have to believe such wonder will with them for a lifetime and an eternity, as it will for all of us who heard the prayers and saw the snow.  Yes, it snowed in Mobile, Alabama on Christmas Day, in response to the prayers of two children who exemplified the faith to which we are called, and even more, the faithfulness of the God who calls us.

   It's not often you get to see millions of answers to prayer, floating from the sky.  I wish you could have been there, both for the hearing of hundreds of Sunday evening requests, and then for that day, that blessed day, when Lila and Emmie's Heavenly Father doubtless took great pleasure in blessing their hearts, and ours.  How good He is, and how He calls us to make our requests with both humility and confidence.  Emmie and Lila taught us this in their persistent requests, which led to God's gracious response…

 "He saith to the snow, Be thou upon the earth." 
(Job 37:6) 
"Thy mercy, o Lord, is in the heavens, Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds."
(Psalm 36:5)

Weekly Memory Verse
    "Thy mercy, o Lord, is in the heavens, Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds."
(Psalm 36:5)






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