Thursday, September 9, 2021

Orange Moon Thursday, September 9, 2021 "Ought To Know"

The Special of the Day… From the Orange Moon Cafe…

"Ought To Know"



     In a world of "experts," none exist in the body of Christ.

    "If any man think that he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know" (I Corinthians 8:2).

    Certainly, some born again believers in the Lord Jesus progress further down the path of righteousness than others, and we should all seek to know God and His truth as well as possible.  Moreover, God calls some to preach and teach His Word.  We should expect those so called to serve as beacons who help us to see more clearly.  However, our Lord's infinite measure and scope means that regardless of how far anyone ventures into the the light of God, their journey has just begun.

   The Apostle Paul also declares that we all "ought to know" more than we do.  No believer fully avails himself of everything he could discover of the Lord's reality.  This does not excuse the deficit, nor does it promote irresponsibility in seeking God.  It is just simply the fact of the matter.  The most faithful pastor "ought to know" more than he does.  The teacher who effectively interprets and communicates Scripture "ought to know" more.  The most eloquent writers "ought to know" more.  All could have ventured further down the path.  Thus, unwisely assigning "expert" status to any Christian communicator means we will expect and demand more than he can possibly give.

   This presses us to direct our keenest attention to that Teacher of whom it can never be said that He "ought to know" more.

   "His understanding is infinite" (Psalm 147:5).
   "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things" (John 14:26).

    While we appreciate and avail ourselves of God-called people who communicate His truth, every believer possesses direct access into the classroom where the Lord Himself lectures.  He serves as our primary Educator.  "Lead me in Thy truth, and teach me: for Thou art the God of my salvation; on Thee do I wait all the day" (Psalm 25:5).  We begin with a humble, trusting heart and an open Bible in seeking to be taught by our Lord.  Note, however, that the Psalmist asked for "all the day" teaching.  Indeed, the believer lives in God's classroom.  Our expert Teacher abides with us continually.  Thus, we do well to expect His illumination all along our pathway as we realize His light shines everywhere and in all things.  "The path of the just is as the shining light, which shineth more and more unto the perfect day" (Proverbs 4:18).

   The bell has rung.  Class is in for every believer in the Lord Jesus right now, and throughout this day.  The only Expert on His subject stands before us to teach.  Even more, He dwells within us by His Spirit, making our learning all the more possible as He not only educates, but also enables us.  Let us therefore determine and expect to learn.  We will not be disappointed as our Teacher illuminates our hearts and minds with the things we "ought to know."

"The meek will He guide in judgment: and the meek will He teach His way."
(Psalm 25:9)

Weekly Memory Verse
      "He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."
 (John 7:38)







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