Thursday, November 1, 2018



    I did not expect to have Internet access today, but I do.  So, on the 20th anniversary of beginning to publish the Orange Moon devotionals, I want to again thank the Lord and you for such an amazing privilege.  Interestingly, today also involves something new I cannot presently share with you, but you will know about in weeks to come, Lord willing.  It speaks to the Lord's fascinating timing, and hopefully, something that by His grace will be of benefit to you.

    I can honestly say that I have never written even one of the devotionals that seemed burdensome.  It's like eating a piece of chocolate cake (with ice cream!).  I also feel that I primarily write them for and to myself, and then send them so you can look over my shoulder and see that which the Lord is addressing to His problem child Glen!  You cannot know how true this is, so thanks for looking on to witness His ongoing chronicle of grace bestowed on the most unworthy of candidates!

    I'd be remiss if I don't mention, as many of you know, that Frances is every bit as much the human agent through which the devotionals proceed as am I.  First, she exemplifies everything about the Lord Jesus I seek to express.  Everything.   She makes innumerable sacrifices that enable me to do what I do.  She illuminates, encourages, and challenges me in all aspects, and if you know the story of how this ministry came to exist, you'll see her heartprints and handprints everywhere.  Even as I write this, she is laboring in the trenches of the new endeavor I mentioned.  More than any man, I know what Solomon meant when he wrote, "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord."

    I'm looking forward to the next 20, Lord willing!  It's hard to imagine the Lord tarrying that long, but if He does, I hope we can continue our journey together into that which the Christmas carol calls, "wonders of His love."  Wonders indeed!  As are all of you such examples of "the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge."  A final thought: most of you I have not met face to face.  I look forward to that day when we do, whether here or There.   And for those of you we have been blessed to be with in person, Frances and I are grateful beyond words.

Here's to November 1, 2038!


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