Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Songs -27- "Blue Jewel"

(Friends: each Saturday this year, we are sending the lyrics and a recorded version of one of our songs.  We wrote and recorded "Blue Jewel" about 10 years ago.  It concerns some of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen.  During the Apollo 8 mission in December, 1968, Astronaut Bill Anders captured images of earth from lunar orbit.  One, known as "Earthrise," reveals our planet as a sublime work of art, floating in beautiful hue and color as it hangs in the gallery of dark space.   The contrast is stunning, but even more, the beauty of the "Blue Jewel" reveals the wonder of the One who made it.  Indeed, the Apollo space program involved many goals and accomplishments.  Earthrise was the among the greatest as it fulfills so beautifully the Psalmist's emulation: "The heavens declare the glory of God" - Psalm 19:1).   I hope you find the song encouraging.  Thanks, Glen)

"Earthrise" by William Anders; Image Credit: NASA

Blue Jewel
Words and Music by Glen Davis

Blue Jewel, floating out in space,
Who painted the beauty of your lovely face? 
Blue jewel, you make me think of grace.
You make me want to fall to my knees,
You make me want to cry holy, holy, holy,
You make me want to sing, you make me want to sing.

Blue jewel, I see the prints of Feet,
That once walked upon your lanes and streets.
Blue Jewel, it was the Prince of peace,
The Maker of your loveliness,
The Savior of your citizens,
It makes me want to sing, it makes me want to sing.

For as lovely as you are, how much more must your Maker be?
And as brightly as you shine,
Oh how I wonder of His glory. 

Blue Jewel, as lovely as you are.
One day, you’ll be purified by fire.
And your beauty will be greater, greater far
(We will walk your streets of holiness,
Your every way will be filled with righteousness,
And we will forever sing, 
of your wondrous King.

Blue Jewel, Blue Jewel, Blue Jewel.

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