Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017 - Conclusion - "Here Is Christmas"

Dear Orange Moon Friends,

    A very Merry Christmas to all of you.  Below you will find a recording and the lyrics of one of our songs, "Here Is Christmas," that heralds the season and the day, but most of all, seeks to commemorate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into the world.  God bless all of you on this special day, and I am grateful for your fellowship, friendship, and example.  Glen.


Here is Christmas, it comes once again,
bringing it’s message of redemption from our sin.
Here is the Child, promised long ago, 
to lead us to the Father, whom every heart must know.

Oh here is Christmas, let your hearts rejoice, 
may praises and thanksgiving be heard from every voice!

To Bethlehem the Baby came in humility, 
to save us from our pride and from our self sufficiency.
He showed how to live, and then he showed how to die,
He shed his blood and gave His life to pay the awful price.


I hear the bells of Christmas ringing, singing once again.
Telling of that blessed Morn That promises to men.
The light still shines in darkness to illuminate the way
For Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem on Christmas day!


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