Thursday, June 16, 2016

“Waiting For Me There”

"Waiting For Me There"  

    I'm not scared of dentists.  I don't even feel nervous about going, or about the treatments.  However, some very negative childhood experiences have led me to inconsistency in the twice a year regimen of checkups.  When appointment times come, I've too often rationalized that I'll postpone that until another day.  Thankfully, I have pretty good teeth, and have had very few problems despite my neglect regarding more regular visits to the dentist.

    Of late, a few problems have arisen.  I made the call for an appointment yesterday, and they were able to squeeze me in today.  Things went well, we planned a regimen of treatment, and my plans now are to visit my dentist twice a year until the Lord takes me home.  All this made me remember the reason for my hesitation, namely, my childhood dentist, Dr. Adolph "Yank" Drillhappy (not his real name, of course, although it fit him quite accurately).  I spent many frightened and painful moments in Dr. Drillhappy's office as a boy who liked sweets, and thus needed a few fillings.  Of course, Dr. D. couldn't have been nicer to my mother, the lady who wrote the checks to pay for my tortur… uh, treatments.  "Why, Mrs. Davis, what a pleasure to see you again!  And I see you've brought little Glen in again!  How nice!"  Dr. Drillhappy would then look at me, smile, and slyly raise his eyebrow enough just for me to see, indicating that he relished yet another opportunity to execute mayhem in my oral regions.  "We'll take good care of the little fella" said the good doctor as he closed the door and pointed to the dentist's chair in which he plyed his nefarious trade.  "Get in the chair, kid", sit still and don't make any noise no matter what!  Because if you do…"  Dr. D looked at his assistant, who pulled the trigger on the dentist's drill to make that terrible high pitched noise that makes teeth hurt even it if never touches them.  "Yeah kid" said the doctor, "we have ways of discouraging bad behavior!"  He then went to work on me, and I still have dreams - no, nightmares - about piercing darts of pain racing in my head as Dr. Drillhappy gleefully sought for nerves in my teeth - and found them.

   Ok, I exaggerate a bit.  However, I did have enough uncomfortable dental moments as a child that it leads to the aforementioned rationalization and inconsistency in my dental care.  I knew I couldn't do that now.  Some cracked fillings have led to enough discomfort that I knew the time had come.  So, this morning as I prepared to go to the dentist, I went to the Lord first, just to make sure that I didn't allow any fear or nervousness to accompany my visit.  "Lord, I know You'll be waiting for me there, and that You have a purpose in my going other than simply fixing my teeth."  I offered myself to Him for whatever He might want to do in the situation.  Again, things couldn't have gone better.  My dentist is a great guy, and made me feel completely comfortable about the treatment to come.  Also, the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth, Elisabeth, seemed like an angel.  She showed great care and compassion in being gentle around the sensitive areas of my teeth, explained everything she did, and couldn't have been nicer.  This leads to the point of my sharing all this with you.  While Elisabeth worked on my teeth, we both looked out the large window of the office into a courtyard where a bird feeder stood in the very center of the area.  On the feeder sat a beautiful red cardinal.  I mentioned this, and Elisabeth said, "Hmmm, that's funny.  We usually only see squirrels out there."

    Those of you who know me well likely see the point of this event, and of Elisabeth's observation.  I am known for loving cardinals, all cardinals.  But I especially love the male red ones.  I find their scarlet plumage to be one of the most beautiful things in all creation.  The depth of red in their feathers always thrills my soul, most of all because it reminds me of the precious lifeblood shed by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.  "But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ" (Ephesians 2:13).  Yes, I love cardinals and what they represent to my heart.  So, having affirmed that the Lord would be waiting for me at the dentist, and then seeing a cardinal there where cardinals are not usually seen, well, you know what I'm trying to say.

    As we often suggest in these messages, the Lord does wait for His trusting children in Christ wherever we go.  And, He journeys with us on the way.  Sometimes He makes Himself quite obvious.  This surely seemed to be the case today, and I gave thanks (and give thanks again as I write this).  I also thought about this: If there had never been a Dr. Adolph Drillhappy in my life, along with the uncomfortable experiences he fostered, I would have never had known the blessedness of seeing that cardinal.  I might not have prayed before going to the dentist, or if I had, I might not have voiced my request in the way I did.  "Lord, I know You'll be waiting there for me…"  He was, and while I knew that before seeing the scarlet plumage, I knew it with a particular joy afterward.  So, Dr. D served and still serves a purpose in God's gracious ways in my life.  I am grateful for the moment this morning, and for being able to share it with you.  A closing thought, however: I'm glad I now go to to another dentist rather than Dr. D!

"As You Go"


I wait for you, My child, wherever you may go.
I'll be there when you arrive,
I'll be with you as you go.

We live our life together, you venture not alone.
Our hearts made one forever,
united in My Son.

I wait for you, My child, I'll be with you as you go.

I made you for such grace, to be My Spirit's home.
Oh, look into My face,
and with assurance know

that we'll always be together,  you'll never be alone.
We'll be as one forever,
each other's love to know.

I wait for you, My child, I'll be with you as you go.

Forever beckons to us, as does this day, this hour.
My Spirit's peace imparts
the presence and the power

for you to journey with Me, in darkness or in light.
I am in your heart forever,
and in this day, this night.

I wait for you, My child,  I'll be with you as you ago…
I'll be with you as you go.

"The Lord thy God, He it is that shall go with thee."
(Deuteronomy 31:6)

Weekly Memory Verse
    Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.
(Proverbs 17:28)

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