Friday, October 24, 2014

"Face To Face"

     I write on Thursday night, October 23rd from the home of two of our dearest Orange Moon friends, Bryan and Peggy Wheeler of Suwanee, Georgia.  They joined our mailing list in the early days of sending out the devotionals, and have been a constant source of love, encouragement, and example in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We had never met face to face until this afternoon, when they graciously welcomed us into their home during our visit to North Georgia.  We also had the blessing today of meeting other dear Orange Moon friends, Ruth and Sheree, whose face to face presence also blessed us immeasurably.

   This follows several nights in the home of other dearest of friends, Tom, JJ, William and Erin Webb of Maryville, Tennessee.  Former Mobilians, Tom, JJ and family have been blessings to us in countless ways (thanks again, Tom, for finding Emmie!), and like Bryan and Peggy, have recommended many of you to the Orange Moon devotionals.  I currently wear on my left wrist a rubber band bracelet beautifully designed for me by Erin (age 8), along with a rubber band ring on my right ring finger and two buckeyes in my pocket (given to me by Erin) to remind me to gratefully pray for the Webb family.  I will, and I do so even now.

   All this reminds me of a blessing that came my way when I trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that I did not and could not anticipate.  God gave to me another family, "the whole family in Heaven and in earth" as the Spirit of God birthed my heart into the body of Christ (Ephesians 3:15).  I didn't know that along with countless other graces of salvation in Christ, our Heavenly Father would bless me with so many beloved brothers and sisters in Christ whose lives would bear such vibrant witness of His life.  Indeed, I have never seen the Lord Jesus face to face.  However, when I think of the dear ones whom I reference in this essay (along with so many of you), I'm not so sure that I can actually say that.  Our Lord shines through His people who see, receive, and assimilate His light, and then become the lamp of His light - "I am the light of the world… Ye are the light of the world" (John 8:12; Matthew 5:14).  In that sense, I have undoubtedly seen the face of our Savior, and I rejoice to report that it is sublimely beautiful!

   As JJ joyfully stated last night, "one day we will all be in Heaven together and there will be no parting."  Days like the last few cause me to long for such grace to come, when we shall together be with the Source of our love for God and for each other.   We shall see Him face to face, and we shall see Him in each other, face to face.  As the old hymn so beautifully proclaims, what a day that will be, and in this moment of joyous realization in Christ and His blessed family who have so blessed me, I know why the Apostle John pleaded with such urgency…

"Even so, come Lord Jesus!"
(Revelation 22:20)





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