Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The Major"

       Proper interpretation and understanding of Scripture involves emphasis as well as text.  Do we major on the Bible's majors, and minor on its minors?  We do well to keep the question ever in mind as we seek to rightly know God by rightly knowing His Word.

    "Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life.  And they are they which testify of Me" (John 5:39).

    The Lord Jesus Christ declared Himself to be the primary theme of the Old Testament Scriptures.  Certainly, He serves as the same central figure and subject of the New Testament.  Thus, the Bible's primary "major" proclaims the person and work of the Lord Jesus.  Keeping close in heart and mind the truth that in all things He is to "have the preeminence" goes far in establishing and maintaining proper emphasis in our consideration of Scripture (Colossians 1:18).

    I am currently reading the Old Testament prophetic books, including the so-called major and minor prophets.  You're likely familiar with the numerous head-scratchers contained in this portion of God's Word.  What do the countless details, many of them strange behind imagining, mean? (I just read Ezekiel 4, for example, wherein the Lord commands a most, shall we say, interesting recipe for his prophet's bread).  I don't begin to comprehend them all.  I do know this, however.  Every book, chapter, paragraph, sentence, word, letter, jot and tittle serves to glorify and reveal the Lord Jesus.  How they all do so, I don't know.  That they all do so, I am sure.

    Scripture comprises a Divine document - written through human agencies - composed of truth, promise, command, history, poetry, correspondence, and prayer.  Discovering the majors and minors of Scripture enables our interpretation and understanding of its primary purpose.  Christ is that purpose.  He is the Major of both Old Testament and New.  Or, as a teacher of old suggested, "Until we have discovered the person and work of Christ in any portion of the Bible's revelation, we have not fully and accurately interpreted the passage."  I've sought to embrace this adage throughout my Christian life, and have found it to be the best and most effectual aid to Biblical interpretation.  It has not, however, kept me from frequently scratching my head.  Yes, Christ the living Word awaits us in the Bible, God's written Word.  Determination to discover the Lord Jesus as the theme of Scripture will illuminate our hearts with much that can be known, and thrill our hearts with the prospect of some day receiving light regarding that which we cannot presently know.

"This is My beloved Son.  Hear Him."
(Mark 9:7)
"In Thy light shall we see light."
(Psalm 36:9)

Weekly Memory Verse      
      There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.
(Psalm 46:4)

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