Friday, June 7, 2013

The Father and the Son

(for Rick Cagle and his family)    

Rick Cagle went to be with our Lord last night.  He was a pastor in our area who faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ and His people for many years.  He also served in numerous other capacities, and was an example of both faith and faithfulness to those who knew him, or knew about him.  I know you will keep his family in your prayers, even as we rejoice that our dear brother is home in the direct presence of the Lord whom He honored and served.   

I only met Rick once.  His son, however, Mark, is one of my dearest friends.  Indeed, I primarily knew Rick through his son.  At this time, that somehow seems appropriate because the Gospel that Rick loved and preached proclaims the same.  We know the Father through the Son.   

"He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father" (John 14:9).   

It doesn't always work out in human families that sons reflect their Father's nature, character, and way, as it did perfectly in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am pleased and blessed to say that in the case of Rick and Mark, the truth holds true.  Mark loves the Lord Jesus Christ, as do his siblings.  This tells me much about Rick, and the life he lived.  Most importantly, it leads me to ponder the wonder of God the Father and His beloved Son.  Can one leave a greater legacy than this, namely, that your relationship with your children points people to that eternally ancient and glorious heavenly relationship of the Father and the Son?  I think not, and as I hurt for Rick's family, friends, and congregation in this hour, I rejoice that our dear brother is home with the Lord he loved so dearly, and whom he preached not only in word, but in the most practical and God-honoring deed.    

I close with the words of a song we recently sent out in these devotionals, and which seems particularly appropriate for remembering Rick Cagle, and rejoicing that, yes, our dear brother is home.  Godspeed, Rick, and thank you.


Homeward, My child, it is time to go.
I am with you just as promised,
you'll journey not alone.
I have been this way we travel,
oh see the path I've traced,
those sparkles all along the way are glimmers of My grace...
homeward, My child.

Angels travel with us,
they marvel at the scene
of yet another spirit
My mercy has redeemed.
And Someone waits to greet you,
a Father all sublime,
oh I have no words to tell you
of the wonder you'll soon find...
Homeward, My child.

So homeward, child, we venture,
united in My love,
I have waited for this moment
when yonder up above,
you'll see things unimagined,
you'll look upon your God,
we'll forever be together
because this path we've trod...

Homeward, My child... 
homeward, My child.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."(Psalm 116:15

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