Saturday, June 23, 2012

“Our Yesterdays” Addendum

     When journeying to our yesterdays, we must determine to go there with God, and to God.  Amid the many human, worldly and even devilish realities of the past, our Lord was the great fact of all that happened in our lives.

    “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

     Nothing has ever happened to us that God did not either determine or allow.  He ordained the former in righteousness and devotion to our bests interests and well-being.  He allowed the latter in full confidence of His ability to weave even the worst things into His good for our lives. 

     This is both blessed and difficult truth.  Knowing that our Heavenly Father possesses the will and the capacity to work all things together for good” graces our hearts with wonderful peace.  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee” (Isaiah 26:3).  Conversely, few greater challenges call us to the faith that demands we view the negative things and people of our past without resentment, bitterness, mourning and despair.  Our flesh is prone to these spiritual and moral pathologies, leading to turmoil in the present if we allow them to control us.  Viewing the past through the lens of God’s involvement often does not come easy, and we must expect to make choices of faith that conflict with feelings, emotions and attitudes that tempt us to ignore the great fact of our yesterdays.

    We journey to the past with praise and thanksgiving.  Doubtless, many blessings came to us for which we have never given thanks.  It is not too late to do so, nor is it inappropriate to again say “Thank You” for the good things our Lord brought to us.  Regarding the difficult things of our yesterdays, we also acknowledge with praise our Lord’s amazing ability to bring forth glorious resurrection from the most sorrowful suffering and death.  O Lord, Thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; Thou hast redeemed my life” (Lamentations 3:58).

     Many of our mental, emotional and even physical maladies afflict us because we journey to our yesterdays without God.  Certainly, we may not understand how He can weave both good and ill into His loving purposes, particularly the latter.  It is enough to know that He can do so, and that He is more than willing to coordinate all for His glory and our greatest good.  Let us therefore build altars of the heart regarding our past, sacrificing ignorance and unbelief regarding God’s loving involvement in every moment.  Indeed, our yesterdays were actually His yesterdays.  Nothing that happened therein is beyond our Lord’s ability to weave glory into the tapestry of Christ that graces the past, present and future of all who trust in the Lord Jesus…

“Lord, Thou hast been our dwellingplace in all generations.”
(Psalm 90:1)

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